The sale of goods and services to individual consumers constitute what we consider RETAIL CLIENTS. Consumer debt related to unpaid services or goods comprises 40% of the 8 billion dollars of debt accrued by the US in 2000.

The recovery of this debt is effects the economy as much as collecting credit card debt/ education loans or medical bills. The success in collecting these types of accounts depends on the amount of follow-up and follow-through that your agency is committed to giving. Because of deferred billing, unsecured open accounts, unattended problem resolution, and uncollected COD's an increase in write-offs has been seen across many industries. From CPA's, utility companies, internet retailers, to catalog companies, retail/service providers across the world have to pursue their bottom line through collections to increase cash and reduce write-offs.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone has worked towards not only getting those accounts paid that are clearly not disputed, but also towards fair and equitable mediation of those that are disputed. Sometimes just locating the consumer is half the battle.

Follow-up and Follow through is what Kross, Lieberman & Stone is going to give every account you place.