Should a delinquent debtor become totally obstinate, litigation is often the only alternative. This process can often be intrusive and tedious. Unfortunately, to collect a debt it may be the only option. Kross, Lieberman & Stone has affiliated itself with a network of attorneys all over the globe. Our affiliation will provide access to bonded, reliable council who can file suit at your request (please see section KLS vs. Attorneys).

Where in-house attorneys fail, we succeed. Your in-house attorney may have territorial limits. The attorneys available to us specialize specifically in the collection and litigation of delinquent accounts. In addition, they do not absorb half the debt we are attempting to collect. Frequently, Legal fees will not exceed 32% plus up-front court cost (this varies by county) and a 2% non-contingent fee. Everything is negotiable. Because of our relationship with these attorneys, we are often able to negotiate the best terms for our clients. We are often able to get attorneys to wave the 5% non-contingent fee and have also been successful negotiating lower contingency fees. Our efforts assist our clients in making litigation more cost-effective.

This service would include:

Litigation is only forwarded with written authorization. We search for an attorney and negotiate your costs before you forward any funds. We also take into account the collectability of your claim. By utilizing our affiliates, we do research as to whether your debtor has any current judgments and whether pursuing collection in court would satisfy your interests.

If we decide litigation is a viable alternative, we will forward a court cost request notice. This will include an affidavit of claim. You will be required to complete the affidavit and forward the negotiated cost. We accept receipt of these items as authorization to pursue all legal efforts available. Kross, Lieberman & Stone hopes that this service will assist you in managing those accounts that refuse to pay without being served. Although sometimes a long process, we are able to monitor these accounts regardless of the amount of time it takes to complete the red tape involved in litigation, enabling your company to focus on the paying clients.