Custom Collections

Customized, Personalized, Professional Accounts Receivable Collection Solutions

KROSS, LIEBERMAN & STONE has carefully and systematically worked to develop a reputation for excellence and professionalism. The result has been a successful licensed and bonded collection firm that can increase your cash flow and CUSTOM TAILOR A PROGRAM that meets your needs for collecting your delinquent accounts.

Whether you are a big commercial manufacturer/distributor or a local doctors office, you receive a thorough investigation of every account regardless of age, balance, or location ultimately resulting in a higher ratio of PAID accounts. We work towards this goal by immediately contacting every account within minutes of placement.

We don't want to just help you MANAGE your accounts receivable; we want to insure that it is COLLECTED!

By the time we receive your delinquencies, you have already sent letters and past due statements. Therefore, it is our goal to make the whole collection process more humanized by initializing verbal communication with your accounts. Although we have an advanced computer system, OUR COMPUTER DOES NOT CALL YOUR ACCOUNT. Personal contact is extremely important in our effort to treat each debtor individually and maintain the debtor's positive view of our client.