Commercial Clients


Elevated competition, open borders, internet sales, have created a trend towards allowing for sales to be extended to customers who would not have been extended credit in a less competitive market.

This trend of deferred billing, consignment merchandising, open accounts granted with little or no guarantee (unsecured), pricing-battles, and discount invoicing etc. has created a myriad of collection problems for accounts receivable departments. This, combined with the mergers and acquisitions of major distributors, has created a recovery nightmare.

Because sales drive a company, many clients have compromised formerly stringent recovery policies including continuing to "sell" a customer after write-off on COD. This along with the other noted reasons has created an environment that is "DEBTOR" friendly.

Kross, Lieberman, & Stone is very experienced with problems related to commercial accounts. The mainstay of our business for years was strictly related to business to business recovery. We are familiar with both debt collections and "credit" collections. Un-recovered rebates, coupon and advertising reductions, as well as returned/destroyed product credits can affect the bottom line as much as un-recovered receivables.

KLS have an approach to collection that can increase your cash-flow. Review our services and get your outstanding debt resolved today!