"It is not what you do right every day, but how you handle the problems that will make your company rise above the rest. We want to handle your problem accounts!"

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Kross, Lieberman & Stone is a full service agency committed to turning problem accounts into cash flow. Where equitable, we attempt in maintaining the debtors' positive view of your company based on your fair and professional resolution of the problem accounts.

We have a variety of first party to third party services. These services allow for some flexibility in how firm we are on your behalf when collecting your claims. Most services are included with your contingent fee structure including basic skip tracing, credit reporting, bad check recovery, and our extremely effective normal collection procedures which include both immediate phone contact and letter services. We also have extensive skip searches available, legal forwarding, collection software, net collect and customized on-site/pre-collect solutions available.

Adhering strictly to the federally mandated Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and also to our own professional guidelines for collecting accounts, has made Kross, Lieberman & Stone stand out among its competitors as a respectable, professional collection recovery firm.

We know your business image is a key concern, and we always remember that when we work your accounts. Because of our wish to maintain your integrity and possibly even turn the debtor into a future "paying" customer, Kross, Lieberman & Stone approaches every call with a positive attitude.

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