Similar to the Schoolhouse Rock! story of how a bill becomes a law, Kross, Lieberman & Stone thinks there is a natural progression of "How an account becomes a Lawsuit." Once an account is ninety days past due, we feel it is time to take action. This is supported in Business Credit, Dialing for Dollars: "The fact remains, however, that the value of a dollar owed drops to 97 cents after 30 days. After a year on the books, it's worth 45 cents. Waiting to act on accounts receivable is tantamount to losing money. A creditor can get a reputation for being lax very quickly."

After a debtor has become delinquent, we encourage all clients to utilize their agency first. Although attorneys may be needed in the long run, your account has not gone through the channels to become a "lawsuit" yet. Kross, Lieberman & Stone firmly believes that allowing an agency to attempt to collect the debt first could ultimately save you retainers, up-front court cost, suit fees, and skip-tracing charges that attorneys often require. Furthermore, many companies utilizing their local council find their attorneys have territorial limits. These attorneys often turn around and forward the account to friends and never give the accounts the collection efforts that an agency offers at contingency rates. Our agency is able to assess the debtor's situation as well as determine if suit is necessary. Should the debtor maintain his obstinacy with the agency, this is when the client and agency should work together to determine whether the debtor should become a lawsuit.