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Kross, Lieberman & Stone tries to make placing your account as easy as possible. This includes taking your accounts without backup information. However, it always assists us in more intelligently collecting your accounts when backup documentation is provided up-front.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone does offer a solution to up-front documentation. We will attempt to collect your debt without the back up until the debtor informs us of exactly what he requires to pay the debt. At that time, we will request the specific document necessary.

The documentation that we normally find helpful is the following:

All of the above documentation is not required at time of placement. A simple copy of the invoice at time of placement and possibly a copy of the Credit Application are often the most useful information to arm our collectors with the information necessary to make a first call. If you choose to wait until our collector has been asked for specific documentation, we will notify you immediately as to what we require.


Often when collecting your accounts a debtor will turn around and call our client. Usually this will occur after the first time we contact them and notify them of the debt owed. Since we make immediate contact as soon as you place the account, you may receive one of these calls the first day you place.

In order to strengthen our bargaining power and increase your pay back, we ask that you refer the debtor back to us. Make your customer aware that the collection of the account is no longer in your hands, and that they will need to work directly with Kross, Lieberman & Stone.

If we are under instructions to delicately handle this account, you may wish to tell the debtor that you now have some auditors looking into that account and it would be better if they spoke directly with them. However, no one knows your customer better than you do. If you feel accommodating an irate or frustrated client in your own manner is more productive, please let us know the outcome of your conversations. Our team effort in opening the lines of communication and ultimately getting payment in full is the main goal.


Many corporations send several notices to their customers before eventually placing with an agency. Often the final few notices will demand payment within a certain number of days. This notice will usually contain some sort of threat of placement or suit if the demand is not met.

Your strict adherence to any threat you make in the course of demanding payment strengthens your position when placement is necessary. Your customer will soon realize that "Final Notice" meant just that. Therefore, it is always Kross, Lieberman & Stone's recommendation that accounts be placed when the final demand has not been met. In addition, many of our clients take this process one step further. Once becoming a client, they incorporate our name in their final demand by specifically stating that they will place the past due account with the firm of Kross, Lieberman & Stone if payment is not made within 10 days.