KLS Partnership Platform

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As in any mutually beneficial relationship, a certain amount of teamwork is required to get the best possible results. Although it would be more convenient for you to be able to place an account and never have to worry about it again, this does not always get the best results. In support of our view is the following quote from Credit World, Maximizing Results from Agencies.

"Some will argue that using agencies is simply hiring an outside vendor: They don't have to be managed, that's the service they were hired to perform. Outside vendor or not, their results can be positively impacted by management efforts- and negatively impacted by a lack of efforts... By taking an active role in agency management, the credit professional can make a difference in agency performance and collection results."

We feel in working together, our mutual teamwork will result in more effective collections.

This section is devoted to supplying you with valuable information required to make an informed decision when considering collection. Please explore this area for industry tips and forms, a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions and detailed process information.