Kross, Lieberman & Stone understands that each clients' need for information concerning their placements varies. Some clients might have a particular account that they are interested in and would like to know every development. Usually, your account executive can sense your "need to know." All representatives have computers so that when speaking with their clients they are able to look up your accounts and verbally report progress as it develops.

Should you require more specific information regarding the collector's conversation with your debtor, the collectors and the sales staff are in constant communication. This enables your account executive to get you the information you require. Many agencies do not allow for any intermixing of the two jobs. However, we feel teamwork between sales and collections give our clients a more direct link to the collector. Our clients usually know their collector's name and are able to communicate their specific collection problems to that collector through their account executive or directly through e-mail connectivity. This is linked to your debtor account and you may email directly questions/concerns related to any placement.

Some clients, once placing just say "collect it" and do not want to be interrupted from their routine to find out about old accounts. Again, your representative should be made aware of your verbal reporting needs, and then your representative will be able to more effectively meet those needs.

Verbal reporting of payments as they are received is also a service your account executive performs. If you would like specific knowledge of when we receive and deposit a payment on your placements, please make your account executive aware of this and you will be contacted on every payment.