Simple Placing Procedures

Kross, Lieberman & Stone has made every effort to make placement procedures free of any complications. As a busy credit manager whose job includes many aspects of credit and collections, we realize old non-paying accounts are often put on the back burner. Many credit managers do not want to have to take the time to pull documentation necessary in collecting these accounts. Kross, Lieberman & Stone, once knowing the nature of your business and the collection problems related to your accounts, can often start collections without backup documentation. We offer several options for placement: telephone, facsimile, mail, Federal Express and E-mail. a. These methods require very little time, only basic information, and it allows us to begin collection procedures immediately.

If we need more information after our first conversation with the debtor, our collector will let your account executive know what documentation he needs. After you are made aware of the documentation we need, many times a clear fax transmission of the documentation will be sufficient.

In cases, where a dispute is evident before placement, documentation supporting your claim would be more helpful up-front. Such documentation would include: invoices, statements, credit applications, bills of lading, proofs of delivery, lease agreements, personal guarantees, your collection notes if any, and NSF checks. Not all of the documentation is necessary on every claim.

Placing Documentation