Our Checks and Balance System

Kross, Lieberman & Stone continually follows the status of ALL accounts. To offer optimum service on all balances, ages and locations, we have created a checks and balances system. Although we trust our collectors and staff to proceed thoroughly on all accounts, we have enlisted a method of collections to make sure no accounts are missed due to computer or human error.

To Kross check accounts with no activity over a given period, we have preprogrammed software that sets each account on a timetable. If no action has been taken either by a collector or skip-tracer, the account is forwarded to a manager's review desk. The manager reviews all notes and contact history. Then the manager decides what course of action should follow.

This system of Kross checking has trained our collectors that all accounts are important to Kross, Lieberman & Stone. More significantly, it has allowed us to maintain a steady flow of collections as well as a current status on all accounts.