Interconnected, integrated real-time information – Our collectors can work from home and so can you! Providing the collectors and staff with the technical capability to perform their jobs is a fully-automated support system equipped with industry specific software geared specifically toward the collection industry.

Our goal to provide our staff with every technological advancement available, enabling your account executive to always give you the most up to date information on every account. Whereas some agencies have to dig through hard files and decipher through handwritten notes, we are able to provide our clients with the most current status and with an accurate and complete accounting of each placement.

With an assigned password, credit managers can log-online for direct real-time access to the debtor files. Credit manager can then view current activity for themselves and print reports direct to their own computers!

Our specially designed collection software further aids us in managing your accounts and assisting in meeting timetables and servicing requirements. Among its many uses are the following:

Zoom-Calls – This creates less of a delay between calls, thus increasing the collector's time management capabilities.

Organized Recalls – Collectors have recall dates on all debtors so they will not be scheduled with 500 calls one day and 50 the next. Each collector has a set of categories that they can schedule a debtor into (for example promise to pay), which enables them to monitor their callbacks more effectively.

Hot Calls – These calls are scheduled by the collector according to when a debtor might specifically request a callback. The collector can place an alarm on Hot Calls and the computer will alert him that it is time to take action on one of these types of accounts.

Automatic Letter Series – Once your accounts are placed, our computer automatically sends the first letter required by law to the debtor. Thereafter, whenever a collector requests the other letters in our repertoire, that personally address your debtors payment problems, it is automatically noted to the history of that account specifying which letter was sent and the date and time. This prevents repetition and lets the collector systematically review which letters have been sent and what letters in the series remain. Also when receiving postdated checks, our system automatically forwards a post-dated notice close to time of deposit to remind the debtor to deposit funds to cover this check. This letter also complies with Federal Regulation in depositing post-dated checks. Remember that we are always in contact by phone!

Dedicated Data Entry and Automatic Assignment – Our data entry staff is quick and efficient. Should you choose to place on-line, phone, fax, mail or e-mail in your account information, our data entry personnel give new accounts top priority: entering and posting them immediately. The computer then automatically assigns your collector so that the collection methods we espouse to "Immediate Personal Contact"—can be followed through. Data entry is also responsible for posting payments. This is done on a daily bases as checks are received and payments are reported. Therefore, you can get an accurate accounting of your balances everyday.

Computerized Reports – Specific reports are listed in the REPORTS AND REMITTANCE section. Our system has allowed us to not only provide you with accurate verbal reports, but also with organized computer generated reports. These reports will include an accurate accounting of payments and a correct status on each account. Depending on your personal collection needs, our reports can be individually suited to your specific accounting and timetable requirements. Because of our highly efficient printing capabilities, we can produce reports at a moment's notice or you can request them online.

ClientConnect – Our online service allowing for credit managers and the agency to exchange information more readily. Clients can e-mail the "assigned to person" on any account with a personal note or update, post payments, place an account or pull reports based on "real-time" information. The reporting features are limitless.