On your placement form you will find a location for most of your basic information (name, address, phone number, invoice date and amount due). There is also an area labeled collection activity requested. This is represented by numbers 1-3.

Because of the concern of many clients who would like to know exactly what type of collections they are getting, we have set up a program where you are in control of the collection methods.

1 - 3 are explained as follows:

1. Delicate Collection Procedures – If you choose this collection procedure, Kross, Lieberman & Stone would attempt to collect your receivable while retaining your client. We often approach an account like an auditor would, hired to simply clean up your outstanding receivables. In the course of collecting, if we find stronger procedures to be necessary we will make this recommendation to you and await your authorization to proceed. We have found some of our client's request this on accounts placed early in the aging process in the hopes that Kross, Lieberman & Stone will be effective in making this Slow Paying client current.

2. Normal Collection Procedures – If you choose this method of collection, you are authorizing us to proceed with everything we've got. As always, we approach every account professionally and attempt to work with the debtor in solving their delinquency. However, should an account break promises, avoid contact, or short pay, we will send strong demand letters and attempt to contact them as many times a day as allowed by law..

3. Strong Collection Procedures – If you choose this method of collection, we will attempt all normal collection efforts with the assumption that suit is a viable alternative should normal collection methods prove inadequate. If our first few attempts to cooperate with the debtor prove unsuccessful, our collector will then explain to the debtor the legal recourse our client may wish to pursue. By law Kross, Lieberman & Stone is not allowed to say, "We will sue you if you do not pay". However, we can allude to the fact that our client has indicated this to be an option he may wish to pursue.

In the course of all collection approaches, we always try to maintain your integrity and good name in the business community. We always attempt to maintain a good rapport with your customer. As you well know various situations require differing tactics. We offer our one-through-three methods in the hopes of meeting your many different collection problems.