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Kross, Lieberman & Stone has a specific goal when an account has been placed: TO COLLECT THE PAST DUE AMOUNT IN FULL.

It's a TEAM effort and enables us to offer you smarter collections.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone immediately contacts your debtor to demand payment and evaluate how collectible the account is. This is a service we do on all accounts regardless of age, balance, or location at no higher rate. If you are not currently receiving this service, then you may not be getting a return on your accounts as quickly as possible.

Upon placing an account, a report is generated to you acknowledging your account and the balance placed. The account is then assigned immediately to a qualified professional collector who is instructed to call on all new accounts within minutes of being placed.

Therefore, in many cases, clients may have the same professional working all their accounts. This makes it conceivable for you to establish a relationship not only with your sales rep but also your collector(s). In addition, our collectors will then become familiar with your accounts and any difficulties common to them.

In addition, weekly collectors' meetings update collectors on talk-offs and techniques that are associated with specific client problems. Integrated e-notes also allows clients to give our collectors notes related to their accounts for example if a debtor attempts to make a settlement with a client after we've contacted them, the client can refer the debtor back to us and notify the collector of any "highlights" of their conversations that may assist us in collecting the claim.

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Your business image is a key concern when we work your accounts. Because of our wish to maintain your integrity and possibly even turn the debtor into a future "paying" customer, Kross, Lieberman & Stone approaches every call with a positive attitude.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone adheres strictly to not only the federally mandated Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, but also to our own professional guidelines for collecting accounts. We do not curse, harass, threaten, or verbally abuse your customers in any manner.

It is not what you do right every day but how you handle the problems that will make your company rise above the rest. Our commitment to you is to assist you in turning problem accounts into cash flow and maintaining a positive view of your company based on your fair and professional resolution of those problem accounts.

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