Testimonials & References

"As a consulting firm specializing in collection agency audits for credit grantors, I had the opportunity to recently audit Kross, Lieberman & Stone. We found that their collection work far exceeded the majority of other agencies we have reviewed. In addition, no federal or state collection law compliance issues existed that could generate a lawsuit against the agency or their clients.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone is an agency that corporations, medical institutions, banks, and retail establishments should seriously consider when making a change to their collection vendor program. Jay Smith, President of Kross, Lieberman & Stone, is truly committed to maximizing recoveries and providing superior service to his clients. He sets the tone in his company for dedication to performance and ethical standards that credit grantors are looking for."

Daniel K. Fulk, President
Compliance & Recovery Analysts, LLC

"MCHS has been in partnership with Kross, Lieberman & Stone for almost a year. The relationship has been nothing but a profitable one. They are professional and reliable and definitely get the job done.

Here at MCHS we consider KLS a part of our reimbursement department. They stay in touch with us and give us monthly reports of activity and will notify you if they have exhausted all efforts. MCHS is confident that they (KLS) have done all they can to collect the debt

I would recommend KLS for all your collection needs."


D. McCullough
Business Manager

"Over the past year and a half the results and efforts that I have received from Kross, Lieberman & Stone have been tremendous.

I believe that my own collection procedures are thorough and effective, but at times I am unable to collect on some accounts. These deficiencies are not from the lack of effort. By the time an account is 120 days past due, I will have attempted to contact this customer approximately 7 times with little or no results (including 4 letters, 1 being certified, and 3 calls). An outside agency such as Kross, Lieberman & Stone is the next step I take to collect these customers.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone have given me impressive results. I submit many different sized debt problems ranging from $200 to $5000.00. Unlike other outside collection agencies, Kross, Lieberman & Stone takes the time and effort to collect these smaller problem accounts. I have calculated that to date they have collected 34% of the total dollars (with some payment schedules still in effect) that I submitted to them for collections.

In addition to typical monthly reports, Halron's representative, Stephanie, keeps me informed on the status of my accounts with a phone call.

Therefore my recommendation for a company looking to save money and at the same time increase recoveries is to use Kross, Lieberman & Stone as their outside agency."


C. Mullins
Credit manager

"When I first came to work at Ladies First we had a high profile company (to remain unnamed) as our collections agent. With such a big name behind us, I wasn't worried about sending severely delinquent accounts to collections. Then I actually had to place an account...

The local branch of this company gave me a toll free number to call, which I did, and was told that someone would contact me within 24 hours. I called them again a week later. I was then directed to several different offices within my state and finally had my call returned, 2 more days later by a gentleman who gave me the information I requested originally The only communication I have ever seen regarding this account told me that it was uncollectible and was cancelled 6 months later.

We connected with Kross, Lieberman & Stone at the Medtrade show last November. Right away I was contacted by an account executive whom kept in contact with me until the decision was made regarding a new collections firm.

From the very beginning, I was given specific instructions on how Kross, Lieberman & Stone would handle my account. I speak with my account executive, a friendly knowledgeable person who knows my name, accesses my account immediately and answers any questions thoroughly and efficiently.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone is a firm that follows through on their promises and produces results. When you combine that truth with customer service, you have a winning formula for any company who is looking for a professional collections agency.

Thank you for you invaluable service."


K. Cooper
Accounts Manager

"In my capacity as credit and collections manager for RC Bigelow I have used the firm of Kross, Lieberman & Stone for all of my third party collections. I have never had a problem with their capabilities or their integrity. Since 1999 they have collected monies for me tat would have otherwise been written to bad debt. There has never been an issue with their collection techniques and I have never received a complaint about the 'strong-arm' tactics that some of the other collection agencies engage in. I would recommend the services of Kross, Lieberman & Stone to anyone who needs a professional team on their side."


J. Butler
Credit & Collections Manager

"I have found that the collection activity performed by Kross, Lieberman & Stone to be very effective and results oriented. The communication on the status of open claims has been sterling.

I would recommend them highly to any company needing a professional results oriented collection agency."

Very truly yours,

F. Nicles
Credit Manager

"I would be glad to share my experience to other creditors in the agriculture industry. As we discussed recently, we have been very pleased with the results on accounts placed with your firm. A high percentage of the accounts have had some type of payment agreement or have paid a portion of the debt thus far. As is the norm, a high percentage of smaller accounts placed for collection are repaying the balance placed. We look forward to continuing our relationship."

R. Baxley
Division Credit Manager
Helena Chemical Company

"Over the last six years we at Bergen have been most pleased with your firm's performance in handling our collection accounts.

Your associates have been most helpful and the service is outstanding. The new rate structure is greatly appreciated and is just another indication of your firm's commitment to their customers.

I will be passing on the new fee schedule to my counterparts along with a copy to our corporate office. As we discussed my hopes are that we can develop a national relationship, which would prove beneficial to all concerned.

Thanks again for your firm's commitment to their customers. If ever I can be of service regarding recommending Kross, Lieberman & Stone please feel free to pass my name to the appropriate party."


D. Thatcher
East Region General Finance Manager