Our Staff


Kross, Lieberman & Stone has revealed our collection methods. More important than the plan is the means to carry it out.


Kross Team Picture

Setting Kross, Lieberman & Stone apart from other agencies is our highly specialized experienced staff. We have purposely employed collectors knowledgeable in the collection of commercial accounts having several years of experience and proven track records. Our collectors are intensely interviewed and must possess certain personality traits before they are commissioned to be on our staff. These personality traits include negotiating and persuasion skills, exceptional listening skills, skills in language and communications, calm demeanors, problem solving skills, and some knowledge of financial counseling. These, together with a working knowledge of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, proven track records in the collection industry, and intense training to the Kross, Lieberman & Stone philosophy of professional collection techniques, make our collection staff exceptional.

Kross, Lieberman & Stone also focus's on consistently educating our collectors through the use of seminars and business partners in order to keep our collectors fresh and stimulated. Kross, Lieberman & Stone also has implemented incentive programs that have reduced turnover and inspired our collectors to meet quotas by working all accounts regardless of the balance. Collectors are the bread and butter behind Kross, Lieberman & Stone. If your accounts are entrusted with us you can be assured that completely professional collectors (and not just a "call center") will be handling your accounts.


Every angle of our collection methods and staffing plan continues to work toward our main goal: providing the best possible service to you and your company. This goes beyond a superior collection team, and also includes outstanding account executives and support staff. All have sales, customer service, and credit related training. Our sales staff is trained to put the client first and attempt to personally meet any information outsourcing, including daily updates if necessary. Our account executives are trained to "talk to" our potential clients not "at" them. Above all else, they are to listen to your particular needs and see how we can quickly fulfill those needs. Our sales staff is also able to utilize a support staff that is at the beck and call of not only our staff members but our clients as well.


Dedicated data entry and Automatic assignment - "Answer with a smile."

Our data entry staff is quick and efficient. Should you choose to phone, fax, email, or mail in your account information, our data entry personnel give new accounts top priority: entering them immediately. The computer then automatically assigns your collector so that the collection methods we espouse to "Immediate Personal Contact"- can be followed through. Data entry is also responsible for posting payments. This is done on a daily bases as checks are received. Therefore, you can get an accurate accounting of your balances everyday.

Our support staff is fully trained so that they are able to answer any questions you may have. We are also firm believers in "Answer with a smile." Where the trend towards Voice mail Automation might be a necessity for some firms, and many collection agencies have adopted this method of routing calls, we have remained loyal to the personal secretary. Logistically, we feel many of your debtors are less inclined to hang up on a "real" person than they are when they are forced to listen to an automated message. Therefore, more of our debtor incoming calls actually reach our collectors. Kross, Lieberman & Stone has also discovered that our clients enjoy immediate contact with our staff and their account executive. Through forethought and client surveys we feel we have developed an Agency with the staff, personal attention, and collection methods that will insure complete client satisfaction.