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When choosing an agency you may find the difference between agencies is comparable to the difference between AT&T and SPRINT. The main difference is preference. Our clients prefer KROSS, LIEBERMAN & STONE'S personalized service, detailed reports, remittance accountability, and exceptional results. We make every effort to out-do our competitors in servicing our clients and their debtors. Thus in all our years of experience, we have established a financially stable business that is competitive both nationally and internationally. Put bluntly, we are not the biggest agency, or the most recognized; however because we are continually striving to reach our growth potential, we are going to give 100% to all your accounts in our effort to be the best.

As always it is Kross, Lieberman & Stone's goal to not only concentrate on providing excellent collection recoveries for our clients, but to also provide excellent service before and after the "sale". As we move into our 27th year in business, we have worked on fresh ways to service our clients and increase collection ratios. It has always been our top priority to maintain and develop the relationships we have with our customers and not merely focus our attention on the next prospect.

We could give you a spiel about how long we have been in business and why we know so much about collections, what our experience is etc. Instead, we prefer to allow our results and referrals speak for themselves. We have tried to include enough information about how we would manage your account (our processes), how we would staff your accounts, how we would service your accounts, and how we will report and remit to you. This will allow for you to make an educated decision regarding our qualifications and how we can meet your collection need. The final analysis basically boils down to placing your claims and evaluating your results!

As credit manager it is important that you qualify your agency during your selection process. One way of doing this is to check references. When hiring a new staff member, you would more than likely secure references on that employee. We ask that you treat us as if you are staffing a whole new department and check out our references.

Enclosed are a variety of testimonials from a wide range of industries. It is important to note that our collectors are keen negotiators and professionally trained in the collection of all bad debt accounts. Regardless of industry, we have found knowing your personal business problems assists more in collecting your accounts than knowing a specific industry and its average problem accounts.